2019China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo
Time: August 23-25, 2019

Venue: Hall 9.2, Area B, China Import and Export Fair


200 exhibiting companies

100,000 people at home and abroad



Guided by the Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee, the Guangzhou Municipal Cooperation Office, the Guangzhou Municipal Working Committee, the Guangzhou Expo Organizing Committee Office, and the 27th Guangzhou Exposition Pension Service undertaken by Guangdong Cross Mining Exhibition Co., Ltd. Since the preparation of the comprehensive exhibition and the 3rd China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo, the preparatory units have unified their thoughts, raised their understanding, organized them, and worked hard. On August 23-25, 2019, in the B zone of the Canton Fair. Hall 9.2 was successfully held. This year's exhibition is the third edition of the 2019 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo and the 27th Guangzhou Expo Professional Exhibition. With the joint efforts of the main contractor, it has achieved good exhibition results and social repercussions. The exhibition has greatly improved in terms of the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors, the proportion of special installations, the proportion of overseas exhibitors, and the specifications of the forum activities. 



First, the exhibition overview

1. Exhibition date: August 23-25, 2019

2. Exhibition Venue: Hall 9.2, Area B, Canton Fair

3. Exhibition total exhibition area: 10,800 square meters

4. Number of booths: 430 booths

5. Number of exhibitors: about 200 companies

6. Exhibition area setting: 11 major exhibition areas, namely, smart pension, medical equipment, rehabilitation aids, suitable aging home, smart medical and medical combination, old-age care institutions, health care, health and chronic disease management, old-age daily necessities, biomedicine And the pension service exhibition area.

7. Number of visitors: Over 100,000 person-times, including 18,000 professional visitors.

8. Exhibition results: The on-site order amount of this exhibition reached 125 million yuan, and the intention amount exceeded 820 million yuan.

9. Concurrent activities: 25 opening ceremonies, theme forums and lectures, and over 45 cultural programs.

10. Distribute publicity materials and gifts: 1000 copies of the journal, 500 copies of the elderly, 30,000 copies of Huimin gift pack, 6000 air water, 3000 moringa drinks, 2000 moringa toothpaste, 1000 cups, 1000 dental test coupons. Wait.


Second, the exhibition's effectiveness and highlights

(I) The exhibition achieved remarkable results, and exhibitor satisfaction reached 93%. Over 70% of exhibitors indicated that they intend to continue exhibiting next year.

The exhibition covers an area of 10,800 square meters, with a total of 430 booths. A total of about 200 companies participated in the exhibition, attracting more than 100,000 visitors, including 18,000 professional visitors. The on-site order amount reached 125 million yuan, and the intention amount exceeded 820 million yuan. The exhibition was recognized and praised by government leaders, exhibitors and the general public. The satisfaction of exhibitors reached 93%.


Exhibitor evaluation:


"Through the China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo, one is to learn from others, and the other is to increase the amount of service. On the morning of the first day, we have received orders for more than 3 million service orders, and another five are willing to contact us. Cooperative companies, so I feel that the old club can bring us more resources in the future."

——Gu Feng, Vice President of Gufeng Health Industry Group

 2019广州老博会展商 (2).png

"We are a loyal fan of the China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo. We have been exhibiting for three consecutive years and have achieved very good results. At this exhibition, customers who signed the contract directly booked our old furniture, and signed the contract and hit it. Deposits, there are also 5 CEOs who are community home service centers, signed an intention agreement with us, and Guizhou's old-age care institutions and medical groups invited us to discuss cooperation in the past. This China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo brings great economics to our exhibitors. Benefits, I wish the old club will be better and better!"

—— Home and Investment Holdings (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Chairman of Guangzhou Laolin Furniture Co., Ltd. Zhang Haofu

  2019广州老博会展商 (3).png

“It is very meaningful to participate in the China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo. It can show the image of our company and communicate with many of our peers. It has played a good role in promoting our business.”

——General Manager of Guangdong Yipin Leshan Health Management Co., Ltd. Zeng Yimin

  2019广州老博会展商 (5).png

“The China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo is better year after year. We are exhibiting for the second time. Compared with last year, there has been a great improvement. The number of guests who visited the exhibition was much higher than last year. Many people are interested in Japanese design concepts and functions. The effect is very good."

——Deputy Chairman of Asia Furniture Forum and Chairman of Dadi Group Lin Xiaoming

  2019广州老博会展商 (4).png

“This China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo was very well organized and very successful. Taikang was very honored to participate in this exhibition. The scope of this exhibition is very wide, providing a good place for the elderly in Guangzhou and even in Guangdong Province. Very good choice platform, the elders can find the products they want on this platform."

—— Marketing Director of Taikang Health Industry Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Wang Dong

  2019广州老博会展商 (6).png

“At the China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo, I met many large-scale brand companies, and I also met some Japanese brand manufacturers. They are looking for agents in China. The exhibition is very big.”

——Guangdong Linqi Pension Health Industry Co., Ltd., Sales Director of Guangdong 颐Cisco Care Service Industry Co., Ltd. Li Li

  2019广州老博会展商 (10).png

“At this exhibition, many nursing homes and peers are very concerned about the products we bring. Through this exhibition, we hope to share with the elderly all over the country to jointly grow the old-age career.”

——Li Weiwen, Director of Training Department, Guangdong Muai Health Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

  2019广州老博会展商 (7).png

“The model and effect of the Guangzhou Old Expo is particularly good.”

——Shandong Kangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. Development and Robotics Division Sales Manager Wang Yongqing

  2019广州老博会展商 (8).png

“Guangzhou Laobo will give us a very good opportunity to showcase, the leaders will pay attention to it and the popularity will be very strong. The old club is a very good, very timely and very successful exhibition.”

——Guangzhou Yi Kitchen Technology Development Co., Ltd. Co-founder/CFO Hu Faxiang

  2019广州老博会展商 (.png

“The China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo is very good and brings us a lot of news to help us do a good job.”

——Chengdu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Director Chen Deming

  2019广州老博会展商 (9).png

“The China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo is very good. It is very supportive from the central government to the provinces and cities. Participating in the exhibition is a good promotion for our brand. I hope that the organizing committee will organize such activities every year so that we can have more opportunities to promote ourselves. Brand."

——General Manager of Guangdong Baici Health Pension Investment Co., Ltd.

  2019广州老博会展商 (11).png

“The China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo has a lot of people, there are many people coming to visit and there are many people who want to know more.”

——Zhou Zhuolin, Director of Marketing Operations, Excellence Homeopathic Co., Ltd.

  2019广州老博会展商 (1).png

(II) Highlights of the exhibition:

1. Overseas exhibitors have greatly improved, and smart and healthy pension products are eye-catching.

The total exhibition area of the exhibition is 10,800 square meters, and 430 booths are planned, attracting about 200 exhibitors, of which the proportion of overseas exhibitors is 21.6%. Among them, smart health and old-age products are also a highlight of this exhibition, including self-service shower room for rotating disabled elderly people, automatic intelligent police diapers, electric wheelchairs for climbing stairs, intelligent feeding robots, intelligent nursing system, cloud health assessment system. Such products, technology is full of sense.

  2019广州老博会展品 (5).png

Electric star moon climbing stair wheelchair / crawler type electric climbing stair wheelchair

  2019广州老博会展品 (6).png

Rotary disabled self-service shower room for the elderly

  2019广州老博会展品 (7).png

Intelligent diaper that can automatically alert

  2019广州老博会展品 (8).png

Bluetooth bracelet that can remotely trigger a mobile phone alert: SOS Bluetooth bracelet

  2019广州老博会展品 (4).png

Body composition analyzer that can measure various body composition data

  2019广州老博会展品 (3).png

Bed bath equipment & full shampoo equipment
 2019广州老博会展品 (2).png

Intelligent feeding robot that feeds the elderly through face recognition and speech recognition


2, the government booth is simple and concise, showing a rich content theme.

The exclusive booths of the Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee are set up at the main entrance of the exhibition hall. The booth features a simple and concise image, with a rich theme and a three-day exhibition and a stream of consultants.

Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau: T03, 180 square meters. The booth is based on the home color, and the special image display is built to build a policy, action, and fruitful exhibition display with a family bed, a family of elderly patients with cognitive illnesses, and Ping An products display and experience. The measures and achievements of the old city in the city. 

2019广州老博会-民政展位 (2).png

2019广州老博会-民政展位 (3).png

2019广州老博会-民政展位 (1).png

2019广州老博会-民政展位 (4).png

Guangzhou Health and Wellness Committee: T04, 144 square meters. The booth is dominated by blue and white, and the light box image is displayed. With the theme of “Healthy, old-age, new-style, health-promoting and harmonious development”, the policy “Action + Action + Achievement + Terminal Experience” is adopted to promote the “health and integration” innovation policy. Innovative achievements such as the signing service of family doctors in Guangzhou and the real-time data of the combination of medical and nursing services were demonstrated, and the implementation of “Yinling Ankang Action” was implemented.


3. The exhibition activities are rich and colorful.

In this exhibition, two forum areas, A and B, will be set up to hold the opening ceremony, theme forum, sub-forum and old-age cultural activities during the exhibition.

(1) The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held on the morning of August 23. On the morning of the 23rd, the opening ceremony of the exhibition was held in the theme area of the exhibition hall. He Jingqing, Party Secretary and Director of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Liao Yuxun, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Collaboration Office, Zhou Duanhua, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Guangzhou Health and Health Committee, Gao Dangsheng, former inspector of Guangdong Civil Affairs Department, and psychological affairs in Guangdong Civil Affairs Development Research Service Chang, Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, former deputy inspector Wang Xiansheng, Chairman of China Asia Economic Development Association Pension Industry Committee Chen Yuxi, Chairman of the Pan-Pearl River Delta City Convention and Exhibition Union, Guangzhou City Convention and Exhibition Industry Association President Li Xiahui, Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Committee Commercial Consul AKARYILDIZ MEHMET (Chinese: Akaridiz Mehmet) Chairman of the Japanese Medical Corporation Symbiosis Association, President of the Social Medical Corporation Mingsheng Association Saito Hiroshi, representatives of the main organizers of the exhibition and from Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Leaders, guests, presidents and representatives of Shandong, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Guizhou, Liaoning, Guangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places, as well as representatives of purchasing groups from Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, etc. Representatives of various institutions and medical enterprises Key exhibitors representatives, as well as news media reporters about 300 people attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

2019广州老博会展期活动 (2).png

2019广州老博会展期活动 (3).png

(2) On the morning of August 23, the International Forum on Healthy Pensions was held. The forum invited Chen Yuxi, president of the China Association for the Advancement of the Asian Economic Development Association, and Wang Xiansheng, the former deputy inspector of the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, to discuss the development trend and opportunities of the new era. Interpretation of the opportunities and challenges of providing care for the great city in the economic background of the Bay Area. Invited the chairman of the medical and legal person symbiosis society from Japan, and the chairman of the social medical corporation Mingshenghui, Mr. Saito, to share the theme of "Japan's pension industry development for China".

 2019广州老博会展期活动 (4).png

(3) On the afternoon of August 23 (A Forum A), the theme of the exhibition will be held. Community Smart Ageing Practice Development Forum. Invited Zhong Shixiong, Vice President of Guangzhou Gufeng Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd., He Hongtao, General Manager of Shenzhen Yinxing Modern Care Service Co., Ltd., Wang Hongbo, General Manager of Guangzhou Yijian Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Director of a (Guangzhou) Aged Care Service Co., Ltd. He Li and Yang Chun, deputy general manager of the personal channel department of Guangdong Branch of China Dadi Property Insurance Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech on the theme of community wisdom and old-age practice development, and about 200 representatives of old-age enterprises and representatives of old-age institutions attended the forum.

 2019广州老博会展期活动 (5).png

(4) On the afternoon of August 23 (B Forum B), the National (partial provinces and cities) Senior Service and Industry Association President Summit Forum was held. The president and secretary-general of pensioners associations in more than 20 cities in China and more than 100 guests, enterprises and media representatives from home and abroad attended the forum. The forum is to integrate the resources of local pensioners associations and build a communication platform between industry associations to promote ageing services. The industry has made a contribution to the orderly and healthy development.

 2019广州老博会展期活动 (6).png

(5) On the morning of August 24th (Forum A), the training program for the quality improvement of the aged care institutions under the standardization situation of Guangdong Province was held. The Deeneng Double Training and Thousand Talents Program was attended by more than 100 representatives from the provincial pension institutions. Training. Zhang Kai, deputy general manager of Huayi Health Management Company, Zheng Mengchuan, secretary of the Guangzhou Social Welfare and Aged Care Service Association, and Li Weiwen, director of the training department of Guangdong Muai Health Technology Co., Ltd., respectively, "risk prevention and control under the standardization of old-age care institutions", "Guangdong The evaluation experience of the quality evaluation technical system of the provincial old-age care institutions was shared, and the topic of “The Application of Intelligent Diapers in the Elderly of Cognitive Incontinence” was given on-site.

 2019广州老博会展期活动 (7).png

(6) On the morning of August 24 (Group B), “Building and Sharing the Guangdong Provincial Medical Integration Summit Forum and the Launching Ceremony of the 'Guangdong Provincial Medical Integration Platform'”. Former inspector of Guangdong Provincial Government Development Research Center, researcher Pan Xudi, Guangdong Medical Industry Association President Tian Wuhan, Guangdong Provincial Pension Service Industry Promotion Association, Guangdong Province Medical Integration Platform Founder Li Zhenqing and other guests and hundreds of guests Industry insiders participate in the event.

 2019广州老博会展期活动 (8).png

(7) On the afternoon of August 24th (Forum Area A), a theme forum on how to reduce the risk of cognitive care is held. Yu Xiutian, researcher of the Social Welfare and Charity Branch of the Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong Province, Xu Xiaoling, the president of the Guangdong Pension Service Industry Association and secretary of the Party branch, attended the forum and delivered a speech. Yan Shenghong, dean of the Guangzhou Senior Citizen's Office, and the Party Committee of the Guangzhou Senior People's College Secretary Deng Shixian, Liu Lianqi, Dean of the Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Psychiatric Hospital, Zheng Mengchuan, Secretary of the Social Welfare and Pension Service Association of Guangzhou, Mo Sijie, Dean of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Shenzhen Rehabilitation Association, Liang Hanbiao, Chairman of Jiangmen Yinye Pension Planning Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Liu Jun, Chief Physician of Sun Yat-sen Hospital, affiliated to the University, Zhou Chongke, Guangdong Kangci Medical Management Co., Ltd., Li Hua, deputy dean of Guangdong Kangci Brain Degenerative Hospital, and other 200 senior care institutions in the province were invited to attend the forum. . The forum was hosted by Chang Guangcai, vice president of the Guangzhou Senior Citizens' Home.

 2019广州老博会展期活动 (9).png

(8) The old-age law and art performances are splendid, and the healthy and spiritual life of the elderly is fully demonstrated. During the exhibition, the "Knowledge Friends of the New Vision" legal knowledge contest - the elders popular law activities, the 2019 Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Middle-aged Cultural and Art Festival Guangzhou Station and the Guangzhou Pension Service Industry Association Golden Autumn Festival literary performance, were held. More than a thousand senior groups participated. Come to the event to fully demonstrate the healthy and spiritual life of the elderly.

  2019广州老博会展期活动 (1).png

4, multi-channel to invite professional visitors at home and abroad.

In order to promote the effect of the exhibition, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Municipal Health and Health Committee, and the Municipal Office of the Old Ages were organized in the early stage, and the Organizing Committee of the Guangbo Fair sent a letter to the members of the Association of Business Associations to notify the invitation, and the organizer’s resource library and SMS group were sent. The training programs for special old-age care institutions and the registration of representatives of medical enterprises are widely invited to participate in the conference. Purchasing groups from Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries and Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Guizhou, Liaoning, Guangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places visited the conference. purchase.


5, the exhibition attracted attention, the major media rushed to report.

The success of the exhibition has been widely concerned by social media, such as China News Agency, Guangdong News Broadcasting, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou TV, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou Daily, Macau Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Hong Kong Economic Herald, Sina.com, Today's headlines, Dozens of professional media and industry media such as New Express, Lingnan Song and Autumn Light have in-depth coverage of the exhibition, and the visibility and influence of the exhibition has been enhanced.

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