Guangdong Ksourcing &EldExpo will be awarded again - "China City Excellent Exhibition Project Award"

On December 21-22, 2018, the China Urban Convention and Exhibition Cooperation Development Forum and the China City Conference and Exhibition Industry Association Annual Meeting were held in Haikou City.


The conference was jointly sponsored by the China Association of Urban Conference and Exhibition Industry Associations and the Haikou City Convention and Exhibition Bureau. The China Urban Conference and Exhibition Industry Association (Haikou) Awards Conference was held concurrently, and the China International Elderly Health Industry Expo was founded by Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. (referred to as EldExpo) won the "China City Excellent Exhibition Project Award".




Representatives from provincial and municipal leaders, exhibition companies, experts and scholars, as well as alliance members from various cities gathered in the warm and spring city of Coconut City to discuss urban convention and exhibition cooperation.



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