2017 China (Xiaogan) International Elderly Health Industry Expo

Time: November 23-26, 2017

Venue: 1st Floor, Xiaogan East Station Square


176 exhibiting companies; 49,000 domestic and foreign audiences



From November 23 to 26, 2017, the Xiaogan Municipal People's Government and the Hubei Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation and the Hubei Provincial Working Committee of the Aging Committee, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Xiaogan Municipal Committee, the Office of the Elderly Working Committee of Xiaogan City, and the Xiaogan City Disabled Persons' Federation , Xiaogan City Construction Investment Company, China Life Insurance Xiaogan Branch, and Guangdong Trans-Chang Exhibition Co., Ltd., “Healthy Chinese Happy Old Age” 2017 China·Xiaogan International Geriatric Health Industry and Rehabilitation Aids Expo in front of Xiaogan East Station The first floor of the square was successfully held.


This exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition held by Hubei Province in the name of the government. The exhibition area is 20,000 square meters. The planning rehabilitation aids, intelligent retirement area, international brand exhibition area, old-age products exhibition area, old-age service exhibition area, old-age health care area, Hubei and Xiaogan There are 416 standard booths in seven exhibition areas, including the famous and excellent commodity areas. Among them, there are 29 special booths, 181 standard exhibitions and 235 standard booths. There are 176 exhibiting enterprises, including 70 overseas enterprises (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) and 106 domestic enterprises. The exhibition received a total of 49,000 domestic and international audiences, including 8,100 professional visitors and 40,900 non-professional audiences. At the same time, the exhibition held 13 opening ceremonies, summit forums, investment seminars, project promotion and health knowledge seminars. The on-site retail transaction volume exceeded 3 million yuan, and the intentional order and intention contract amount reached nearly 20 million yuan. In order to promote the cultivation and development of the filial pension industry, the creation of a “filial cultural city” has played a major role in promoting.


First, the exhibition overview

1. Exhibition date: November 23-26, 2017

2. Venue: The first floor of the square in front of Xiaogan East Station

3. Exhibition area: 20000m2

4. Number of booths: A total of 416 standard booths; 29 of them are special, 181 are standard booths; 235 are standard booths.

5. Number of exhibitors: 176 enterprises, including 70 overseas enterprises and 106 domestic enterprises.

6. Setting of exhibition area: There are ten exhibition areas in the exhibition area: rehabilitation auxiliary equipment area, intelligent old-age area, international exhibition area, imported commodity area, old-age products exhibition area, old-age service exhibition area, old-age health care area, international famous commodity area, Hubei and Xiaogan famous. Commodity area and public welfare area.

7. Number of visitors: The four-day exhibition received a total of 49,000 domestic and foreign audiences and 980 foreign visitors; 16067 professional visitors, accounting for 33% of the total number, and 32,933 non-professional audiences, accounting for 67% of the total.

8. Effect of the exhibition: The on-site retail turnover of the exhibition exceeded 3 million yuan, and the amount of the intentional order reached more than 20 million yuan.

9. Concurrent activities: 13 opening ceremonies, investment seminars, forums and health knowledge seminars.

10. Distributing publicity materials and gifts: 6,000 copies of publicity materials were distributed at the exhibition, including 5000 investment brochures and 1,000 editions of the catalogue; 5000 gifts of imported 茱tis biscuits from Malaysia.


Second, the audience and purchase intention analysis

1. The four-day exhibition received a total of 49,000 domestic and international audiences, including 980 foreign visitors; 48,020 domestic visitors; 16,067 professional visitors and 32,933 non-professional audiences.


2. The audience of the exhibition has the highest purchasing intention and attention to the rehabilitation medical and auxiliary exhibits, food and health exhibits, and smart retirement exhibits, followed by the daily necessities exhibits and the government public welfare exhibition areas.


Fourth, the analysis of the exhibition area

1. Public welfare area

Mainly the results of Xiaogan City's old age office, Xiaogan City First People's Hospital, Xiaogan City Rehabilitation Center, and the Old Calligraphy Association.

2. Rehabilitation aids area

Show Kangshen Medical, Shun Kangda, Yiran Technology, Sankai Technology, Renaijiahe, Taisheng Medical, Yage Optoelectronics, Dignity Xiamen Medical, Mingjia Electronics, Huayan Changshou House, Dezhongtang, Dongjia Orthopaedics, Advanced rehabilitation aids such as the Glory Age.

3. Smart retirement area

Brought together a group of intelligent old-fashioned enterprises such as Huilian Infinity, Yi International, China Life Xiaogan Branch, Asimo Robot, Shanghai Siyi, Guotai Asia Medicine, Aiman Technology, and showcase the management of accompanying robots and old-age institutions. Products, services and technologies such as systems, intelligent health management systems, and applications of Internet technology in the aged industry.

4. International exhibition area and imported goods exhibition area

It is mainly exhibited by foreign companies such as Japan Trade Promotion Agency, Takeda Design, Neon Hall, Thai Vatican, Korea Beyond, and Indonesian Yami.

5, the elderly supplies exhibition area

Mainly Kanger, nickname Yinzhuang, Bei Likai and other elderly health products display.

6, pension service exhibition area

It mainly displays the old-age care institutions such as Huaying Love Night Pension, Edong Medical Support Group, Qiaoya Pension, Xiaotian Pension Service, and Senior Care Home.

7. Elderly health care area

It mainly displays the elderly health food and supplies display such as Ai Caotang, Pingyang Libo, Mondio, Xuanbaohao and Huisheng Technology.

8. International famous commodity area

It mainly displays imported foods and supplies from Taiwan and Shoutang, Taiwan Hongfu, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Yilan International, German Smart, Su Debao, French Fengling Winery, etc.

9. Hubei and Xiaogan famous commodity areas

It mainly brings together Hubei Tianyuan Ecology, Jingruite Food Food, Shuanglu Shuangmi Liquor, Shenglong Qingmi Liquor, Mi Po, Chu Grandpa, Xiangrun Ecology, Fushan Mountain, Chunhua Health Bean, Tianma Style, etc. Hubei and Xiaogan Local Features Food, product display.


Fifth, the highlights of the exhibition

1. Opening ceremony

On November 23, the opening ceremony of 2017 China Xiaogan International Geriatric Health Industry and Rehabilitation Aids Expo was held in the square in front of Xiaogan East Station. Wang Junwen, president of China International Trade Association, Tao Huifen, chairman of Hubei Disabled Persons' Federation, Yin Benwu, director of Hubei Provincial Office of Ageing, Peng Yu, member of the Propaganda Department of Xiaogan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Yu Hui, deputy director of Xiaogan Municipal People's Congress, Zhou Qianliang, vice chairman of Xiaogan Municipal CPPCC, Japan Mr. Gu Gushou, Director of the Wuhan Representative Office of the Revitalization Trade Organization, Wu Jiean, Special Envoy of South China and the National Union of the Territory of the People's Republic of China, Xiangyang, Secretary General of the Hubei Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, representatives of the municipal and ageing systems, the Disabled Persons' Federation system, and the municipal government agencies About 500 people attended the meeting, including representatives of exhibitors and representatives of journalists.

2, leadership tour

3. Symposium on the development of the “healthy China's happy old age” pension industry

On the afternoon of November 23, the “Healthy China Happiness and Old Age” pension industry development symposium was held in the conference room No. 5 of the administrative center of Xiaogan City Government Building. Peng Yu, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Xiaogan Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda, Wu Hao, deputy mayor of the Xiaogan Municipal People's Government, the Propaganda Department of the Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee, the Office of the Aged Work Committee, the relevant person in charge of the Commerce Bureau, and the relevant person in charge of the “Three Districts” Management Committee of Xiaogan City and the exhibition The organizing committee invited nearly 40 domestic and foreign pension industry experts and responsible persons of pension industry enterprises to participate in the project inspection and symposium of Linggan District and High-tech Zone in Xiaogan City.

4, the summit forum

During the exhibition, the “Healthy China Happy Old Age” International Pension Industry Summit Forum was successfully held in the EldExpo(Xiaogan) Forum area. Experts in the pension industry inside and outside the province jointly explored the innovation and development of China's old-age service industry under the “healthy China” strategic background. At the same time, it made valuable suggestions on how to manage the old fair and create a “filial cultural city” in Xiaogan City.

5, special promotion

In order to further promote exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and foreign countries and the cross-strait elderly health industry, the company's special promotion meeting was held in the Xiaogan Laobo Conference District. Japan IAO Zhutian Design, Hubei Tianzi, Jiujiang Happiness, Hong Kong Mutual Love and Laolin Furniture participated in the promotion.


6. Medical and health combined with health knowledge seminar

The organizing committee of the exhibition specially invited the vice president of Xiaogan City Social Welfare Institute and the experts of Department of Cardiology and Sub-discipline of Xiaogan City First People's Hospital to hold special lectures to share the lectures on medical integration and prevention of chronic diseases for the majority of elderly friends.

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