2019 China National Fair (Guangzhou)

On March 31, 2019, the 43rd China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair (referred to as the China National Fair) was successfully concluded. In the two exhibitions on March 18-21 and 28-31, global home and cross-border designers will jointly explore the imagination of design and enjoy a creative, high-quality, futuristic and humanized home event. .

China National Expo covers the entire industrial chain of large homes, covering civil furniture, jewelry home textiles, outdoor homes, office and commercial furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories, etc. It is a one-stop operation for the release of new products in the home furnishing industry and domestic and foreign trade. The world's best home business platform.


The scene is crowded with people

The National Expo

This year's China National Fair is very different! The scale of the exhibition, the number of brands and the quality of the exhibition all reached record highs.

76 million square meters of grand exhibition.

√ 4,344 global brand exhibitors compete on the same stage, presenting a feast of furniture for the global furniture industry.

During the exhibition, more than 90% of exhibitors made their first show of new products, and more than 50 companies held on-site launch events; the new “Global Home New Products First Theme Exhibition” selected 25 of the most forward-looking original innovations from the world's major home furnishing products. , multi-dimensional to create a new product release platform.

√The total number of professional visitors was nearly 300,000. The audience in the pavilion was bursting every day and the response was overwhelming.

√Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. invited buyers from 45 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Italy, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Turkey to visit and purchase, and achieve friendly trade.





Guangdong Ksourcing Exhition Co., Ltd. and 45 countries buyers to play card home Expo site


The crowd is on the scene


Part of the exhibits

Popularity, building a good relationship with exhibitors and visitors

As the “new product launch” and “business-first platform”, the eight-day exhibition is the epitome of the booming development of two home markets at home and abroad. The exhibition halls of various subjects are full of people, and many popular booths are lined with long queues. Wherever you go, you can feel the strong commercial atmosphere.



On the basis of inviting customers at home and abroad, China National Expo will pay more attention to the quality of the audience and the effect of the exhibition, and the trade matching service will be upgraded again. Under the guidance and support of the organizing committee of the exhibition, Guangdong Cross-Craft has invited professional companies from 45 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Italy, Canada and Australia through its accumulated national buyer database and partner association. Buyers will visit and purchase, meet face-to-face with domestic home and home improvement companies, match the exhibitors according to their purchasing needs, and guide them to the booth by special personnel. The accurate and efficient docking service is highly praised by exhibitors and buyers.


“I am from Mexico. I am at the China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair. When I communicate with exhibitors, I have experienced high quality, diversified and international modern furniture products. This is a good furniture procurement platform. You can find the furniture you want here."

——Kusuma Furniture Company from Mexico

“Hello everyone, I am very pleased to be invited to the China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair. I saw many articles in the Guangzhou Home Expo. I am very interested in the furniture products displayed, especially the art design furniture. I hope that Come back again.

——Patio Furniture Plus Enterprises from the United States

“Two days to sign more than 500 containers!” “The quality of the customers who come to the audience, especially the black card, is very high!” “The on-site signing is ideal, reaching 60% of the annual turnover!” “Many customers are interested in going to our company for further negotiation. ""... The site constantly received positive feedback from exhibitors.


Global home people come by and come home

Big coffee gathering, home design community big party

This exhibition brings together the outstanding design strengths of the industry, original design brands, internationally renowned companies, and new home furnishing stars to show their talents, inspiring the deep communication and interaction of the design circle, inspiring people's thinking and pursuit of quality life, and unfolding about the future design. Imagine.


Jewelry Home Textiles Exhibition Area


Outdoor home area


Office environment exhibition area


For the first time, this year's Home Expo will open the Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center as the E Zone to create a smart office and comprehensive supporting exhibition area.

This year's China National Fair held dozens of exciting design events, including scenes that break the latitude and longitude of space, present a new perspective of home space, and create creative ideas that decode the original innovation trend and lead a diverse lifestyle. Better, the design style is more complete, the design concept is updated with the home feast.


Global Home New Products First Theme Exhibition & Pickup Parallel Space Exhibition


DDS Contemporary Home Trends Exhibition & CIFF and Dr. Liang Jinghua teamed up to create a "smart home for young people"


Design Station - D3 Space & Global Garden Life Festival


Spring Home Design Trend Windward Conference & China Softcover Conference Spring Forum


“Looking at the world from another angle” Design Sharing Salon & DDS Contemporary Home Trends Exhibition


The feast of March ended successfully, and it was a good show in September. China National Fair constantly seeks new changes, always strives to improve the quality of the exhibition and service experience, create more and better participation value for the industry, and contribute to the development of China's and even the world's big home industry! Guangdong cross-harvesting will also actively organize and invite more international buyers to connect with domestic home and home improvement enterprises. See you in September!

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