This Mid-Autumn Festival, look at an international fan, Chinese style, Luoyang Weier's Expo!

We spent a lot of time growing up slowly

We spent a lot of time seeing the world

But how much do you remember the scenery around you?

The original text of the travel, witness the good times around


An exhibition, let you enjoy all the texts

An exhibition that allows you to experience exotic experiences

The 2nd Central Plains Cultural Tourism Industry Expo

5th Floor, Belt and Road International Pavilion

C-debut, invite you to enjoy


As two consecutive Central Plains Cultural Tourism Industry Expo

The organizer of the International Pavilion of the Belt and Road International

Guangdong cross-collection invites you

Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center from September 12th to 15th

Mid-Autumn Festival, the original text tour

Enjoy the moon together, product culture


To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia

For the first time, the host country will be added to the host country.

Invite Malaysia, Thailand as

The guest country and the joint guest country



Guest country - Malaysia

Malaysia, with diverse cultures and diverse ethnic groups, is one of the “four tigers in Asia”. It is a diversified emerging industrial country and a world emerging market economy in Asia.


Malaysian cultural resources are rich in resources, culture and art are colorful, folk costumes, handicrafts, special foods, folk dances, etc. will be unveiled in this fair, so that we can feel the enthusiasm and brightness of exotic countries in Luoyang - with Malaysia Love you in the weather.



United Kingdom Guest - Thailand

Thailand is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, with exotic flavors.


The expo will make travel to Thailand not only stop shopping and sightseeing, but also the Thai culture and art of Muay Thai culture, Thai massage experience, Southeast Asian home decoration and so on.



Friendly city - Uzbekistan (Bukhara)

Located in central Central Asia, Uzbekistan is the country with the most tourism resources among the five Central Asian countries.


As a pearl on the Silk Road, the unique location has created a diverse national culture of the country and a fusion of Eastern and Western specialties.




The interactive experience + the ingenuity of the human beings is only the difference between the color and the language, and the civilization is only divided into purple and red.


The Expo has brought together non-legacy products, projects and cultural and creative tourism products along the “Belt and Road”, as well as internationally renowned DIY talents to perform handicraft production, graffiti, compilation and engraving.



Turkey, which spans the Eurasian continent, is known as the “cradle of civilization”.


With a history of 6,500 years and the historical heritage of thirteen different civilizations, plus three sides of the sea and the inland complex geography, it has a rich cultural tourism resources and has successfully ranked among the top ten tourist countries in the world. The list.




The Iranian exhibition area is rich in humanities and historical landscapes, unique in tourism resources and diverse in tourism.


In addition to the promotion of world-famous attractions such as the ancient village of Memande and the Gulistan Palace, special tourism products such as Iranian carpets, Iranian saffron, and Iranian scarves will also be presented at this fair. Come and appreciate the deep charm of the ancient civilization.




Sri Lanka's exhibition area This bright and fertile land of Sri Lanka is a tropical island country with a long and sinuous coastline of the Indian Ocean, known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean."


At this year's fair, Sri Lanka's rich natural and cultural heritage and unique and charming cultural atmosphere will be accompanied by a warm sea breeze blowing into Luoyang, like a cup of exotic black tea, mellow and fascinating.




If South Korea’s exhibition area is to list a list of world tourism powers, South Korea will be on the list without any suspense. Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Panmunjom, Jeju Island...


There are countless famous tourist landscapes in Korea. Masked dance culture, Taekwondo culture, and kimchi food culture also attract tourists from all over the world. This year's Expo South Korea Smecta, you can't miss it!



- 9 -

In the Japanese exhibition area, spring cherry blossoms in the summer, and autumn maple leaves in the winter. Japan, a country that is suitable for all seasons, a traveler must go to the card.


Cultural demonstrations such as tea ceremony, incense road, kabuki, pottery, bamboo and other handicrafts, hot springs, sumo wrestling and other experiential projects... One-stop Japanese cultural tourism experience, in the second Central Plains Cultural Tourism Industry Expo!


Above the spoiler

There are also 35 printing, law, and Germany.

Strong participation in countries and regions

More exclusive secrets, so stay tuned!

September 12-15

Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center

We will not see you

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